Paint shop

From September 2012, “MEGATERM PLUS” Sp. z o.o. is the owner of a technological line for painting coatings in Siewierz.
Plastic painting shop performs paint coatings using liquid, solvent and water paints and varnishes applied by staff with many years of experience.
Preparing the surface of the parts is carried out under special conditions. The spray booth, with two manual stations, is equipped with high-efficiency ventilation, air heating and a water curtain causing coagulation.
Basic drying of parts is carried out in a hot air chamber. Parts transport is mechanized.
The parameters of the cabin, chamber and technological transport operation are adjusted automatically.
We can paint various materials including plastics. Thanks to manual spraying, we can perform works of varying complexity and series size. The parts are painted horizontally, on a rotating paint palette, up to 65 × 65 cm.
Our production capacity is around 12,000 sq m of painted area per month or about 80,000 pieces of various parts.


A dozen or so highly qualified people work in the paint shop, in a three-shift system. The paint shop staff is prepared to solve difficult technological issues, new implementations, tests, approvals, audits, etc. In order to achieve the best technical, economic and organizational effects, we work closely with our customers and suppliers of paint and consumables. If necessary, we are supported by experienced specialists in the field of plastics processing, paint and varnish production, varnishing technologies, management and logistics.


The paint shop is known for its reliability, flexibility in keeping up with clients’ needs, timeliness and good quality of coatings. We use multi-stage quality control, procedures required by customers, and procedures of the quality assurance system according to ISO standards.
From January 2013 the paint shop is certified by the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2008, issued by DEKRA Certification Sp. z o.o.
Our installations do not introduce any harmful factors to the environment, beyond the permissible standards.
Thanks to such qualities, we cooperate with renowned global manufacturers in the household appliances and automotive industries, meeting their high requirements of timeliness and quality of deliveries.
Also, leading manufacturers of varnish materials entrust us with their products for the most demanding coatings.