Sheet Metal Cutting

Plasma cutter AJAN SHP/260

The company is equipped with an AJAN cutter, designed for precise shape cutting with gas or plasma burners of steel, acid-resistant and aluminum sheets. It is characterized by high efficiency with minimal additional costs.
The combination of modern plasma design and professional computer control allows, among other things:
obtaining high repeatability of the shape of fired elements,
elimination of material allowances for machining,
obtaining high quality burned metal sheet,
wide application possibilities: oxygen cutting, plasma cutting, plasma routing, marking,
The plasma is equipped with a 14 x 2 m work table and two portals with gas and plasma burners. One of the portals has a 3D burner installed, which allows you to burn sheet metal at an angle of up to 50, which greatly facilitates and shortens the machining process.

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  • Working dimensions of the table 12 x 2 m,
  • Universal support (plasma – autogen)
  • Automatic ignition.
  • Automatic torch height control.
  • Electric gas console (plasma and gas)
  • Work on DIN / ISO codes
  • Ability to work with DXF, Essi and NC toolpath files
  • Supervision of all parameters during machine operation
  • Cutting speed up to 15 meters / min.

Metal sheets:

  • #0.5-#65 – Plasma,
  • #3-#200 – Gas burner,
  • #3-#30 – 3D plasma torch,