STINGER II i measuring arm

STINGER II i series coordinate measuring arm manufactured in the USA by the CimCore company constitutes as a cost-efficient solution in the scope of production, measurements, and so-called reverse engineering. STINGER IIi is offered in measurement ranges from 2.4 m to 3.6 m. The measurement range is determined by the reach of arm expressed with a diameter of a ball.

Basic benefits of the CimCore Stinger II i series arms

  • Heidenhain-bran encoders made especially for the CimCore Company with the so-called wide-track bearing
  • mobility that enables measurements directly on a production floor
  • unlimited axle turning, which extremely facilitates the operator’s work
  • automated recognition of a tip and no need for its calibration after replacement
  • arm tubes made from graphite and carbon fibre that provide high mechanical resistance and dimensional thermal stability
  • counterweight that allows the operator to handle the machine with one hand
  • QuickCheckTools software for simple geometrical measurements along with free updates for the whole period of service of the device
  • IP64 protection degree that allows the arm to operate directly on a production floor in the oil mist and/or dustiness conditions
  • ability to move the arm during a measurement, which increases the measurement range of the system
  • ability to use optical probes to measure pipes and special DOCS software, which allows to use the arm also as a pipe control station 
  • broad selection of mounting method (magnetic base, stands, ect.) 
  • maintenance and calibration performed in Oberon3d headquarters in Tychy
  • low weight of machinery, which significantly increases mobility
  • possibility of mounting a laser matrix that enables the possibility to perform scans on a 6-axle arm
  • battery power supply option
  • broad range of allowed ambient conditions
  • work temperature: 0°C – 46°C
  • relative humidity 5% – 95% non-condensed

Basic paramters of CimCore Stinger IIi arms

Measurement range [m]Meas. uncertainty acc. to B [mm]Meas. uncertainty acc. to B [mm]
contact measurement
Weight [kg]
2.4 m± 0.050 mm± 0.070 mm4.1 kg